The power of teamwork. IQ, EI, and GIQ

A great team is the heart of every business. But what qualities help the team to achieve outstanding results?

We, in community, believe, that the answer lies in the field of Group Intelligence Quotient or GIQ.

The main thesis is the team of members with high IQ, but low Emotional Intellect doesn’t equal the team with a high level of both. Thus, the atmosphere, where each person enhances the knowledge and expertise of another, will show better company performance. Such a synergy of professionalism and sharing of experience within the team can bring a real boost to your business.

Interesting fact, that bees use the power of Collective Intelligence to make the best decisions to find food or settle a nest. Just search for their Waggle dance

Here are 5 things, that we believe can help to achieve the synergy of Group Intelligence Quotient:

Together we are so much stronger. Let’s build companies where every person enhances the qualities of one another.